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How to Manage Your Money Like the Rich

There is no lack of shows that portray a fabulously wealth person or family.  Social media articles are published daily discussing the lifestyles of celebrities as they jet around the world.  A lot of times, people tie fame to financial success and think these people always know how to make financial decisions better than most.  In reality, everyone rich or not, has trouble making the best financial decisions for themselves.

How to Pay Less Taxes, Legally

Most business owners wait until the beginning of the next year, after the current tax year ends, to send their tax information to their professional.  I have seen so many get their information in with maybe weeks or even days before the filling deadline.  And then the information is spotty or incomplete.  How can you expect your accountant to find tax savings from the year before, when the year is over. 

The Reason Your Business is Not Succeeding is in Your Head

I am sure you agree that there are many obstacles an owner faces to find success and stay successful.  In my experience as a wealth advisor and CPA working with owners in how to overcome challenges in small business, I find there are two primary obstacle groups:  Practical obstacles and emotional obstacles.

Do You Have a Team of Winners or Losers?

Create a great product, have savvy marketing and watch your cash flow.  These are some examples of the many common pieces of advice on how to be successful in business.  But in my experience, not surrounding yourself with the best team of people in your business and in your personal life is the major reason for business failures and not achieving your financial goals.  Bad “players” on your team will sentence you to working harder and longer in life and rob you of your dreams.

Are You Controlling Your Business or Is It Controlling You?

What does this treadmill or a business controlling you look like?  Meet a long-time client and friend of mine, Dr. David Zelman, founder of Transitions Institute, Dallas, Texas.  David was an immensely successful coach to celebrities, c-suite executives and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.  Calendar full and in great demand, he was like our baker friend always “making the donuts”.  He had no time to relax, always on the go.  On top of that, while creating a nice life for his family and himself, there were other financial goals he had now and was anxious about the future.  He was on a treadmill and worse, not having the time to make his business work for him: Think about ways to control it and make it give him the life he wanted now and in the future.