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You spend more waking hours at work than with your family. This sacrifice demands that you maximize that time to earn what you need to live the life you want now and grow the value of your business. It requires you to make the best financial decisions all of the time. And the truth of the matter is, most people don’t know how to do that; they don’t know how to effectively use their business’s wealth and capital. Let me help. You’re probably asking yourself why you should listen to what I have to say. The reason? I’ve been there. I struggled as a business owner. I made poor business financial decisions. I almost went under. But, I was generously guided by others and I learned how to make the best financial decisions all of the time and find more cash flow and value in my business. I became financially independent many years before I thought possible. I live a dream life I could only have imagined many years ago.

I want to help others, in gratitude for those who helped me. Today, I’m a nationally-recognized author, speaker, wealth advisor, and executive vice president of Mercer Advisors. I’ve seen it all. I’ve been fortunate enough to help some of the most educated professionals get their finances back on track or find greater success. Business owners? Definitely. Fortune500 CEOs? Yup. Lawyers? Oh yeah. Doctors? Done that, too. Now I would like to help you.

For over thirty years, I’ve empowered thousands of people just like you to transform their lives and their businesses by educating them to make the best financial decisions, allowing them to live their dream retirement lives now, before retirement. My patented Wealth Building Formula® will help your business find more cash flow, how to better use this cash flow and its capital, and even how to strategically use debt to facilitate growth, making you even more money and increasing your business’s value.

So, how do you know if my business expertise and experience is right for you? I’ve created this short quiz to see if your business could benefit from my personal financial experience and knowledge. Answer each of the following questions in reference to both you personally and your business. You’ll receive a score with a guided assessment once you complete the quiz that can help jumpstart your business’s financial success!

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