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I too frequently have seen very successful entrepreneurs and business leaders not pay attention to financial planning and wealth management, only to find out that the plan they had in their head was only a wish. Plan your life and personal finances like you plan your business. In Master Your Cash Flow, Al Zdenek provides you the methodology to do just that.

Lee Froschheiser
Executive Chairman and Senior Consultant, Management Action Programs, Inc.

Author, Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Life

For over thirty years

Al Zdenek has empowered tens of thousands of people to live the lives they want now and in the future by demystifying the concepts surrounding personal finance. As a nationally recognized wealth advisor, Al’s repeatable processes and common sense approach has helped his clients make the 100% correct financial decisions at all times. He has been featured in lists of the nation’s top financial advisors, and his expertise is often consulted in media surrounding wealth building and wealth management topics. Al is a graduate of Rutgers College and Rutgers Graduate School of Business. He lives in Manhattan and Paris.

Al worked in the tax departments of Arthur Young & Company and pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc. before founding his own CPA firm. It was here, in the midst of creating tax strategies for high net worth clients and business, he stumbled upon his true calling: Financial freedom for everyone. Clients were asking questions that went beyond their taxes to the heart of their lives; Will I have enough to retire? When can I stop working? How can I live the life I want now? They wanted to understand how to make the best financial decisions that were critical to life now, their futures and their families’ security.

Al saw intelligent clients make poor—sometimes even disastrous—financial decisions simply because they lacked sound financial education and guidance. Responding to what he believed was at the core of the problem, he changed the focus of his company to provide financial education and wealth management for his clients. Through Al’s Integrated Cash Flow Management Approach ℠ and Wealth Building Formula® processes, Al and his team now assisted clients in recognizing and making the 100% correct financial decisions that allowed them to live the life they wanted now, reach their goals sooner and work less in life.