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Master Your Cash Flow®

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As an owner or CEO, you have a responsibility for your employees–your team. If you make a poor financial decision, both you and your team will ultimately pay for it. Managers and executives also make decisions that affect the financial strength of an organization. How should you look at the relationship to your personal financial decisions? Al works with many CEO’s, executive teams, and entrepreneurs on how to transform their business with a leadership mindset as it relates to finances. His breadth of knowledge allows him to consult at a high level on business succession planning; income tax consultation, planning and preparation and estate tax planning services. His expertise has been nationally recognized in the areas of wealth management and investment management services. Developing a thriving business that also ensures your personal financial independence requires commitment, education, and a Championship Team of experts at the ready. And the best part? It’s completely achievable! Al Zdenek helps you understand how to consistently make the 100% correct financial decisions to build your company’s cash flow, reach your goals sooner and work less in life.

Keynote Presentations

How to Live the Life You Want Now and In the Future

Master your finances, grow wealth & live life along the way

Wealth building doesn’t equate to penny-pinching. Learn how to create cash flow around what brings you joy and achieve your financial goals both now and in the future. Traditional financial planning looks towards the future with a limiting mindset for the present. Al shares from personal story and how he has changed the course of thousands of lives through this process. His presentation can be customized for specific audiences custom-tailoring a message for entrepreneurs, physicians, business leaders, individuals, high-net-worth individuals and aspiring ones.

Creating a Championship Team

Building wealth requires experts who get results for you

Achieving the lifestyle you want now and in the future is a lot easier when you surround yourself with a championship-caliber team of experts. This presentation and companion workshop will help attendees walk through Al’s exclusive eight-step program for selecting your “A-team” and setting accountability for your ultimate success. Al believes this program is foundational for anyone who wants to move their life and business in a wealth-building mindset and it has been transformational for organizations, business leaders and individuals.

Make the 100% Correct Financial Decision, Every Time.

A fool-proof formula for financial independence

Al is the creator of the Wealth Building Formula®. Whether your audience is focused on personal finance goals or goals for the business, you’ll have the knowledge to make the right decision 100% of the time. Yes, it sounds impossible. Al shows how this clear process of decision making, based on a specific roadmap and benchmarks. Everyone’s formula is different. Knowing your personal and corporate calculation is critical to achieving the financial goals set for the future and having the ability to enjoy today.


Master Your Cash Flow Merchandise

Master Your Cash Flow® Series

Each speaking topic can be booked as a transformational workshop.

Wealth building and becoming a master of your cash flow will transform your life and your business. Al Zdenek offers multiple workshops where you walk step-by-step through the principles and strategies that have allowed others to life the lives they’ve dreamed of. Various packages include the Master Your Cash Flow® success kit. Kits may include both books in the Master Your Cash Flow® series, T-shirt, leather notebook, pen, pencil, eraser and highlighter.

“Al provides pragmatic advice that reflects decades of solid business experience—not just with driving success, but just as importantly, how to turn failure into success.”

— Author and Speaker

Rachel Braun Scherl

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

SPARK Solutions for Growth

“Albert Zdenek, Jr. cuts through the clutter by giving you a cohesive and integrated financial strategy to take control of your financial life…[He] outlines how to grow and retain wealth by making better choices, overcoming obstacles, and understanding the financial tools[to achieve success].”

Pam Laudenslager

Chairperson and CEO

Center Stage Capital, Inc.,

“With an abundance of financial books, blogs, courses, and apps in the marketplace, Albert Zdenek, Jr. cuts through the clutter by giving you a cohesive and integrated financial strategy to take control of your financial life.”

— Two-Time Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer

Pam Laudenslager


Hemisphere Two Entertainment, LLC

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