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Master Your Cash Flow

To create the life you want now and in the future, you have to become the master of your cash flow today

In Master Your Cash Flow, nationally recognized wealth advisor and CPA Al Zdenek shares how you can build your wealth and reach your financial goals by giving straightforward and valuable information you can use in everyday financial decisions to help make the correct financial choice for you, all the time!

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My goal for this book is to answer any potential questions you may have, as clearly as I can; to give you a process for making better financial decisions like a well-run business; and to inspire you to achieve the life you wish to lead now and in the future.

Creating wealth is really an accessible choice for all of us! Regardless of where you are starting, the journey of Master Your Cash Flow will guide you step by step through the process of financial transformation through the trusting voice and experience of Al Zdenek. Financial growth requires taking risks and making changes. The challenge for each of us is charting the right path forward . . . this book helps you to customize your personal roadmap!”

Erica Peitler
Leadership Performance Coach; Author, Leadership Rigor and Open Up and Say Aaah!