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Debt is NOT a four-letter word (Well, it is…but it’s a good one!)

There are plenty of bad four-letter words out there and, if you’re like me, you can’t help using some of them at times. But “debt” isn’t one to avoid. The truth is, we’ve been scared by pundits and talking heads about having any debt when in actuality debt can actually be a good thing. I call this “good debt.” Hear me out before you roll your eyes.

Is Your Business Starving for Growing Capital? Let’s Get Creative…and Find It!

Every day, financial pundits smugly tell you how to invest, but never tell you how to get the capital to do so. Well, luckily for you, I’m not like other financial pundits and I know where to find cash for a business. This isn’t a magic trick. There’s no abracadabra nonsense. Instead, I’ll help you find money that you aren’t using now. You’re probably saying to yourself or the computer screen that it can’t be that easy, but trust me, it is.

Creating a Championship Team: The Best People Inside and Out

Behind every successful person, there’s an extremely good chance there’s a championship team working behind the scenes. Sure, the successful person has talent and does a lot of the work, but the most successful business owners and CEOs have a great team supporting...

Creating Your Business Roadmap to Arrive at Your Wildest Dreams!

When we’re young, it’s glorified to be spontaneous and to fly by the seat of our pants — just hit the road with no hotel reservations and just see what happens. It’s exhilarating or fun...for some. What amazes me is that sometimes business owners follow this approach....

The Power of Compounding: The Eighth Wonder Of The World!

Do you want to make the best-informed financial decision all of the time? Duh. Of course you do. You’re not a dummy. But what if I told you that there was a way to always make the correct financial decision. It probably sounds like some scam, but it isn’t. It’s the...