Do You Have a Team of Winners or Losers? - Al Zdenek

Create a great product, have savvy marketing and watch your cash flow.  These are some examples of the many common pieces of advice on how to be successful in business.  But in my experience, not surrounding yourself with the best team of people in your business and in your personal life is the major reason for business failures and not achieving your financial goals.  Bad “players” on your team will sentence you to working harder and longer in life and rob you of your dreams.

Look at your favorite sports team as an example.  I grew up a Phillies baseball fan. We knew a lot of pain when I was a kid.  Yes, in more recent years, we have had some World Series wins, but they were a long time in coming and are infrequent.  Now look at George Steinbrenner and the Yankees.  Every year he was the owner, the Yanks either won the World Series or were in serious competition for getting go it.  The difference?  George knew how to build a team of winners.  He knew how to be successful in business and how to be successful in sports.  Most team owners do not. Most business owners do not.

The team a small business owner puts together to help manage the business might include an office manager, an accounts payable clerk, and sales manager as well as a staff of others.  As the business grows, it might have a core of management such as a chief of operations (COO), chief finance officer (CFO) and other “c-suite” members.  The question to ask is your team of “championship” caliber? Is your team the NY Yankees or the Phillies (in normal years)?

BTW, your business also has a team outside of your business, like the team inside your business, that helps determine how much cash flow you will have, the lifestyle you lead and whether you will be able to retire someday.  This team may be your CPA, attorney, banker, insurance agent, pension consultant and possible many others.  Is your outside team of “championship” caliber?

The question to ask is your team of “championship” caliber?

What makes a team member inside or outside a champ?  Work is done on time, enthusiasm, proactive with ideas that create more cash flow are a few characteristics.  Work being late, having to follow up on projects, poor attitude, excuses are amongst the signs of poor players.

Not sure what level your teams are working at?  How to make your players accountable?  How to build a truly world class team?  Visit my website and take my free mini course.

There are many factors that affect how to be successful in business.  There are many challenges that threaten your business.  Decide to surround yourself with championship level players inside and outside of your business.  Decide you want a team of winners!

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