Great Leaders are Needed Today. Episode 2 of 11 - Al Zdenek

Video Transcript:

So in our next part of the series on the leadership, this is going to be COVID as a leader or mood matters.

Now again, why as an advisor, a wealth advisor, is my talk about this?

Well, you know, being a leader coping as a leader is going to have a direct effect on your company, your family, the community around you. And that’s going to affect also, somewhere along the way, your income and your wealth, and after this is all over‚ because this pandemic will end.

So, if you want to live the life you want somewhere now or along the way, you want to make sure that as a business owner, and your family, and your work CEO, you are coping as a leader and you’re going to show up as a great leader because again, the mood matters.

So what is the mood? The mood as the leader? Well, you’re probably on the phone, you may be on Zoom. You may be sending emails. And how you show up, right, people are looking at you like you’re on stage, right?

And if you show up like really down and sad and hopeless how do you think you’re going to effect all the people around you? A great leader does not do that. A great leader knows no matter how dire it is. They’re looking for the truth behind them. They’re looking for someone to lead them, get them by this‚ to come up with the answers.

They don’t expect perfection. You may make some you may have some answers or some solutions that are incorrect, but they’re looking for leadership. Who’s going to take them? Now, this series is about giving you awareness or knowledge. Because, see, if you’re aware that you have to be leader. One, if you have a company or that you are just coping or that your moods are down. Then you have knowledge. You have choices, then. You can shout, you can say wow. I’m not being very good about how I’m showing up, now I could be better.

But without being aware of how you are and the choice you have‚ you don’t have any choices. So, now, I don’t know about you, but I know myself‚ after the first few days, the first week of this…

I was just sitting around thinking my God, my God. What am I going to do?

Maybe I’ll just wait, you know, I’ll postpone things. You know‚ or else I say, you know, I’m not gonna wear that mask. I don’t need it. So you’d be in denial, you could be rebellious, you say oh,it’s all a hoax. It’s not happening. And if that’s you, you’re just waiting and doing all those things. You’re just coping with it, right, you’re being at the effect of it. Rather than you’re saying, Okay, I don’t know whether it’s all those things, but I know that it is affecting me. It’s affecting my staff, my business, and I’ve got to do something about it.

So the thing is now again, if you’re waiting you may be thinking to yourself, well, when is it going to end? Well as a leader, you don’t know that‚ we don’t know that‚ or maybe is it going to go back to be the same?

Well, the chance of it being the exact same is very low. But the thing is during this time, your mood, how you act as a leader‚ how you’re showing up, and maybe showing up as okay…

this is an opportunity. How can we innovate? What can we do during this period that’s going to set the pace for your firm, your community, your family and you. To determine if you live the life you want now and in the future. Again, if this is resonating with you, please stay on or check in for the other series and please tell your friends about this.