Great Leaders are Needed Today. Episode 3 of 11 - Al Zdenek

Video Transcript:

As I’ve said in past episodes on leadership. This is about how you show up as a leader, during this this pandemic, is going to determine how you live today, live now, and in the future. It’s going to affect you, your loved ones, your company, the people around you, and your community So, this particular episode is like, okay, showed up as a leader and this one’s called slinging it. So where do I get that? And by the way, I have to give credit to other people.

There’s a couple of people that  I’ve seen on sites that have talked about this‚ and one of them is Rand Stagen of the Stagen Leadership Academy in Dallas. Another one is Andy Eby. He’s the president of Bickman Senior Living. They’ve produced some videos, other information, that has been an inspiration to me. And one of them is, Slinging it.

So what is Slinging it?  Well, Andy tells a story about this past Super Bowl where Patrick Mahomes is really not doing well the first two quarters, maybe three quarters, of the game. And you know, he’s one of the top talents in the National Football League. And at one time, during a break, he is speaking to Andy Reid on the bench and the cameras zoomed in like, what’s Andy saying? Then after that he seemed to go out and be a changed person. He’s scoring right? He just blew away the 49ers and the Chiefs won their first Super Bowl. So, what happened?

They asked the Patrick Mahomes later. He said, well, he said to me, Okay it hasn’t worked what you’re doing so far. Well, you’re still the best player in the NFL, You have a great talent around you. Go out and sling it‚ just sling it around, just start making the plays. That inspired him.

Well, it’s the same thing with the business or what we’re doing now right? We’re stuck in our homes our businesses maybe are shut down. Our families they have concerns. Well, we don’t have all the answers, but I think we just have to start slinging it. Keep in mind, as a leader, the best leaders make the best plays. The best players in sports make the best plays.

Now, Sometimes your strikeout, right, batters strike out. If you get a 300 or 400 average, you’re still doing pretty well, but the thing is you’re slinging it. You’re making decisions. You’re  taking actions out there. And great leaders do that all the time. Now, it’s easy to say sling it‚ do something, right? And that’s not what this particular episode is about. But the next episode and ones that follow, we’re going talk about specific ways you can sling it. You can start taking action, for yourselves, your business, your family, and your community. And show up to be the great leader that you are.

Again, if this resonates with you, please tell your friends about it.  And please check in for the next episode.