Great Leaders are Needed Today. Episode 4 of 11 - Al Zdenek

Video Transcript

Again, the major theme is leadership, what great leaders do. And because, again, in  finances you want to make sure that you live the life you want now and in the future as well as the ones around you. And so what is a good leader doing? My last episode was: How Do You Sling It? How do you just start taking action? Sometimes when you don’t know exactly what to do? So, at work‚ ok, so again‚ if you’re one of those business owners, or people like myself, about a week ago‚ you sort of were lost you‚ or waiting to see what’s going to happen next? What’s the next day going to bring? You are not sure what to tell clients yet or patrons.

You’re hoping that the cash flow is there. If that’s you, in any way, well there you can sit there feeling that way or are you going to start being a leader? Right? And the leader is going to be like‚ okay,  I don’t know what’s going to happen? But you know, we’re going to be here after this closes down, after we open up again, rather. Right? We’re still going to be an operation. Which means what? Getting your staff on the phone, your team on the phone. You may have had a furlough. Maybe they’re working remotely. That does not mean that you can stay out of contact with them. You have to let them know, look, this is just the latest obstacle and where we’re taking the business, division. And basically, this is what’s going to happen, when we go back open. Bam, bam, bam‚ start having a plan A ,B and C and work it out with your team. How we can start to implement that? You may also want instead of,  rather, instead of waiting to tell your clients information, you can let your clients know, your patrons know… we’re going to be back. We don’t know exactly when, but we’re going to stay in contact with you. By the way, we are  still supplying services. We are still there for you. We’re gonna be checking in with you. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Any way that we can help you through this, please, let us know. With your staff again, you may be in contact with them with meetings. One of the best things I’ve seen with some companies‚ best practices, is that they’re having staff meetings either with Zoom or conference calls. And they’re using and daily meetings, with agendas. And by the way, your calendar your work calendar…

I don’t know if you’re a business person or executive or a busy self-employed. Your calendar is always full. Is it empty? It should be just as full. Right? If it’s not as full before then then you’re not leading as effectively as you can. You should be looking at contacts, vendors, maybe banks, business opportunities. Your competition may be sleeping out there. It’s time for you to be drumming up your own, more business. So the thing is keep in mind, at this time, with those specific things start looking at it,  looking at new opportunities, new innovations. How can you pivot your business so that when you open up again, when everyone is back again, you’re ahead of the game. That’s what being a leader is and that’s what’s the difference between a being a victim or a victor, or playing defense or offense.

It’s your choice. And again, please check in for the next couple of series. We’re going to talk about more specific things on slinging, or taking actions. And if this resonates with you or anyone, you know, please share it. And let us know how, give us some input on how this is affecting you.