How to Make the 100% Correct Decision All of the Time - Al Zdenek

I love cooking Julia Child recipes.  She is so exact in measurements and demands that you follow the recipe perfectly, step-by-step and not deviate even slightly.  If you take her advice and follow her recipe, the dish comes out perfectly 100% of the time.

How would like to be able to be 100% correct every time you had to make a financial decision? Sounds far-fetched, right?  If you can do in cooking following a time-tested recipe of Julia’s then you can do so by following my proprietary, time-tested “recipe” that I have taught thousands for over three decades on how to build wealth:  The Wealth Building Formula ®.

In cooking, if you know how many servings of the result you want, you then get the amounts of ingredients, know the time to cook it, cook it at a certain temperature and voila!  Sounds simple, but it is the same in how to build wealth by making the correct financial choice all the time.

You want a certain amount of cash flow for the rest of your life (this is the $$$) symbol in my formula.  There is a time frame in which you want to get there (cooking time).  There is a certain temperature at which to cook it (rate of growth).  Based on the amount you want to serve (the cash flow you need), you know how much you must save (the ingredients).  Follow it and you will get the amount of cash flow you need for the rest of your life in the time frame you want.

The advantage of the Wealth Building Formula® however, is that if you increase or decrease one of the ingredients, can see how much more or less you the serving (the resulting cash flow) you would get.  Let’s take an example.  You know if I put in more ingredients in a recipe, I will get more servings.  If you decide to put more into your 401k annually, you will get more cash flow in retirement.  If you put less in the 401k, you will have less in retirement.

You might be deciding to buy a house for $500k or $1,000k.  You calculate the expenses: insurance, taxes, interest and maintenance on both.  Which one will prevent you from having more cash flow to save which may result in you working longer years?  The Wealth Building Formula® will tell you exactly.

Should you buy more or have less life insurance?  Should you be looking for another job that pays more so that you have more or can retire sooner?  Do you really need that new car or second or third TV?

The way to make the 100% correct financial decision all the time is to have a recipe to follow on how to build wealth.  That is the Wealth Building Formula®.

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