Millennials are ruining everything, right? Avocados. Libraries. Homes. Jobs. Marriage rate. But I think we can learn a lot from them – if we are willing to listen.  They can most certainly teach us things…well, sometimes.


  • They are bolder! Braver!  They go for it. They fail. And then they try again. Millennials teach you that you must “dust yourself off and try again”. No one ever got anywhere good by playing it safe all the time, and this generation gets it.
  • They can be self-centered. And that’s a good thing! As we age (did I really just say that?!), we tend to put others before ourselves or get more cerebral. Your partner’s feelings. Your kid’s feelings. Your parent’s  Stop doing that. It’s time that you looked out for you. Don’t forget yourself. Make yourself a priority and do things to benefit and better yourself. You may hurt some feelings, but sometimes you have to say no in order to do what is right for you.
  • They stay up too late. Remember when we did this?  Who knows when inspiration will strike? You might meet a new business partner or come up with a million-dollar idea. Or you might just have some fun!
  • “There are no stupid ideas”. Ok, this is definitely not 100% true. But remember when you didn’t second guess everything and tried dumb things? Try to do that again…minus putting yourself into situations where your body could meet a grave outcome.
  • Be less jaded. Try to have some optimism that things will work out. Or that they won’t be terrible. They might be, but a positive attitude could help the situation.
  • Learn about technology (*groan*). Stop being the old person screaming about the internet, or the latest software update. Embrace the changes and advancements. Stay aware of new trends and developments. You don’t have to use Snapchat all day, but know what it is. You’d be surprised how this could benefit you in all areas of life – from growing your business to communicating better with your children and grandchildren.
  • JUST DO IT. Stop questioning everything. Live your life. Now. You can sleep when you’re dead, so now’s the time to do all the living that you can!
  • Maybe ask a millennial to be a mentor to you! It goes both ways!


We can learn a lot from Millennials…and everyone else.  It’s just looking for opportunities.  For more tips on opportunities, visit