Millennials rock — so why not learn something from them? - Al Zdenek

Millennials are ruining everything, right? Avocados. Libraries. The real estate market. Marriage rates. Only if you buy into this nonsense.

We can learn a lot from this dynamic generation – if we’re willing to observe. Here are a few things I’ve come to admire about them. Perhaps you will too.

  • They’re bolder! Braver! They go for it. They fail. They fail. They fail. And then they try again. Millennials teach you that you must “dust yourself off and try again.” You’ll never get anywhere by playing it safe all the time, and this generation gets that: The American way!
  • They can be self-centered –– and that can be a good thing! As we age, we tend to put others before ourselves. Your kids, your parents, your partners. There’s value to that, but you must not forget yourself. Always take time to benefit and better yourself as well. You may hurt some feelings, but sometimes you have to say no in order to do what’s right for you.
  • They believe in “no stupid ideas.” Okay, there may be a few, but who would have thought that renting homes to strangers would become a world-wide phenomenon? Remember when you didn’t second guess everything and tried dumb things? Try to do that again.
  • Be less jaded. Always have optimism that things will work out. They have this, haven’t they? Or simply believe that you simply can’t fail. You might, in some form or fashion, but people who are willing to learn, adjust, and carry on are always the ones with “luck” on their side.
  • Make friends with technology (*groan*). Stop complaining about this fast-changing world and accept that it’s here to stay. Embrace the advancements. Stay aware of new trends and developments. You don’t have to love Snapchat, just know what it is. You’d be surprised how this can benefit all areas of life – from growing your business to communicating with your children and grandchildren.
  • JUST DO IT. Stop questioning everything. Live your life. Now. You can rest when you’re dead. Today’s the day and now’s the time to do all the living you can!
  • Ask a millennial to mentor, Why not? Learning goes both ways!

I hope you enjoyed that mental escape. Aside from basic know-how, so much of financial freedom requires a good attitude, the willingness to learn, and the belief that this is all one big adventure you’re invited to enjoy.

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