You’ve already planned your financial journey into retirement, but though some continue to want to work as their choice, what about your personal journey into not working if you decide this? Here are some tips to seamless transition into retirement.

  • Be sure to keep social connections in tact. Without going into a job every day, it can be easier to stay at your house, only venturing out for necessities. But many people find that they miss daily interactions with others the most when they retire. Try to keep these going by having lunches, dinners, joining clubs and organizations, etc.
  • Use retirement to maximize what brings you joy. For a while, it will take some adjustments to find your new routine, but once you figure out what makes you happy in the new normal of your daily activities, pursue that. Join a book club. Tutor at the local high school. Learn to cook. Play golf. Spend more time with the family. Whatever brings you the most joy should become the new priority in your life.
  • Do your homework. The worst thing that could happen in retirement is stressing over your finances. Prepare ahead of time. Stick to your financial plan. Put in the work before retirement, so that you can enjoy the time off that you worked so hard for.
  • Find ways to fill your days. Perhaps this means with a part-time job in a field that brings you joy and no stress, becoming a mentor or volunteering.
  • Give yourself time to adjust. You’ll be taking on a new identity. You’re no longer CEO or president, but instead you’re a retiree. This may be an adjustment. Give yourself the time and headspace to figure out and enjoy this next chapter in life!  
  • Take time for your health. You’ll no longer have the excuse of long hours at the office to keep you from the gym. Instead, use your new time to find ways to be active that don’t seem like a chore. Take walks with your family. Pick up tennis. Or racquetball. Try tai chi. Go sailing. Your options are endless.

There’s no doubt that once you retire, it could be an adjustment. No more previous routines or deadlines. But the biggest piece of advice I can give is to take the time to figure out what will bring you joy in these new stages of your life. Fill your days with happiness and know that you’ve planned and worked hard to enjoy it.

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